A Nokia Fan’s Dream Come True? – The N95

24 08 2007

Before I go off on tangents and start criticizing and/or praising this new bad boy, I’ll lay out some of the basic features.



The N95 has a 5 megapixel camera that takes great pictures and records decent quality movies, a 3.5mm headphone jack, integrated GPS, WiFi,Bluetooth, a micro SD slot, and multimedia computer capabilities. Basically, this thing is a mini computer, an MP3 player, a snapshot camera, and a video camera combined in one nifty, somewhat reliable package with the Nokia logo slabbed on the top. Sure, with Nokia you’re usually guaranteed a quality phone, but in this case, the N95 may have fallen short of our expectations.


    First off, the phone is a bit too big to just slide into your pocket (for all you emo kids out there wearing your tight pants you found in the girl’s section at Hot Topic, avoid this phone as you may cause severe injury to yourself trying to get it out of your pocket.) If you actually manage to keep the phone in your pocket, the sliding mechanism takes its path and now you’ve got the keypads showing.


    Now, some of you may know what I’m talking about when I say that most Nokia’s have a weight and design that feels just right in your palm. This phone, however, just feels cheap. Not that big of a deal, but for the Nokia fans out there, you know where I’m coming from.


    One last problem that I have with the phone is that it has so many features, but before you can get to half of them the battery will probably die out. It’s understandable, considering its a computer in your hands – but having to recharge your phone every 24 hours is a bit of a hassle.


    The phone is good, but not a good deal. For the price, it’s not worth the buy just yet. Maybe if the price is slashed considerably, I can overlook the flaws. I think I’ll just wait until Nokia perfects this one.


The Sony Ericsson K800i – Camera, or Phone?

28 07 2007


I had to backtrack a few months to this great invention. While this phone may have been out for quite some time, I have to give it recognition for being one of the greatest cell phones I have ever bought.

The Pro’s:

Excellent picture quality with a 3.2 mega pixel Sony Cybershot camera. It actually acts as a camera, with a protective slide to cover the lens, and all the basic features of most digital cameras today such as video camera mode, flash, self timer, special effects, white balance control, shutter sound control, shoot mode, and more. The phone holds over 1,000 contacts, works as a beautiful mp3 player, and video player as well (although, I would not recommend watching a 2 hour movie on such a small screen.) The battery life on this bad boy lasts forever; almost 7 hours of talking time and a standby time of 14 days! If your laptop or computer has bluetooth capabilities, you can even use this phone as a remote for watching movies or listening to music. The phone has a nice calendar and tasks menu for those who like to stay organized but do not require a handheld PC to remind you of doctor’s appointments or meetings.


The Con’s:

Usually, badmouthing a phone is much easier than praising it. However, this is not the case with the K800i, which gave me very few reasons to look into another phone. The call volume is a bit lower than most phones, so for the hearing impaired this may pose a problem. Now, this may not be a problem for all K800i’s, but with my personal experience when I work too fast on my phone, the phone can freeze up for a few seconds. It can be bothersome, however it is not commonly found so that may have just been my phone. Another feature that could be improved is the built in flash light that sony ericsson decided to leave out in their new model. The K800i’s prdecessor had a cool feature that allowed the camera flash to be used as a flashlight as well, but this function is not included in either the K790a or the K800i.


Basically, this phone is a good deal. fun games, cool camera, and jam packed with so many features you’ll probably never even get to some of them. I was very used to using Nokia, and feared leaving my favorite brand. But trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed with this masterpiece. It’s rare to find a phone with all the features you want, but with a simple user interface that keeps things simple.


RATING: 9/10